Useljivo - Jul 2024.
Branka Radičevića, Novi Sad

Listening to the needs of our customers, Prezident Company is preparing a new project in the heart of Novi Sad. Isolated from the noise of the city, yet in the center of all events, in Branka Radičevića Street, this multi-family residential and business complex will offer its tenants all the privileges of modern life. Giving them the opportunity to choose an apartment according to their needs, whether it is a functionally packed smaller area or a luxurious penthouse for true hedonists. Spatial solutions of our apartments reflect comfort and convenience while providing you peace and privacy of residence.

A multi-storey building Su+P+3+Pk duplex, which has apartments of all structures.

The already well-known modern construction concept of Prezident Company provides a guarantee of quality on several levels and offers a quick and safe way to choose the perfect home in which you will easily start a new chapter in your life.

Your new home is waiting for you!

Priprema za izlivanje stubova krovne konstrukcije 24.09.2023.



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