Prezident Palace

Prezident Company, as the absolute market leader in the field of construction and investment in commercial and residential buildings in Novi Sad and beyond, once again pushes the boundaries… Namely, a new residential-commercial project is on its way, rightly named PREZIDENT PALACE and whose realization is expected during 2015.

The position of the building of Prezident Palace is ideal both for living and business. Proximity of Danube, the view of Fruška Gora and the Danube, proximity of school and kindergarten, good communication that connects the building with the rest of the city, make it very comfortable for living.

Grandiose building is located at the roundabout at intersection of Subotica (Europe Boulevard) and Sombor Boulevard, plot number 4725/1, and its external appearance will give a clear display of dominance. The building is located in a zone of individual housings. Such layout of the building provides full security for building occupants, but also for the surrounding and contents within the building.

Products that project PREZIDENT PALACE offers are living space and business premises.

Living space: 94 apartments are foreseen in the building, with an average area of the apartment of 51,60 m2. The building has a phenomenal view to Danube and Fruška Gora, which gives a special note to overall building. For all those who recognize quality and to seek to achieve a better quality of life, this object is the ideal place for a new beginning!

Business premises: 10 business units of different areas are located within the building. Regarding location these business premises are ideal for different types of activities (the lack of banks, hair and beauty salons, offices, shops in this area is surely an advantage…). Geographic location is ideal, while mere appearance and an all-dominant looks of the respective building gives the impression of seriousness, style and elegance! If you want to be recognized in the market and, above all, to act professional, Prezident Palace is an ideal place to start a real business!

Quality, safety, style and above all domination… these are keywords that describe Prezident Palace! We are here to make your wishes come true and to truly provide you a… LIFE WITH STYLE!

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