When you want more for your family!

We went a step further… In the expansion of residential buildings of large areas and squares, this time Prezident Company offers something completely different for you. Multipurpose residential building placed in an attractive location in Kopernikova street 41, Su + P + 2 + Pk, on the surface of 1176.48 m2 for which we obtained construction permit, offers you the security and the privilege of a more intimate way of life. Everyday life and a busy lifestyle makes us to desire to spend our free time with our loved ones in peace and tranquility. Inspired by this idea, we designed a smaller area building for you, with 17 residential units of different structures and squares. The completion of works is planned until the beginning of May, 2019th. The highly recognizable style of the Prezident Company, a modern red and white facade, will give to this part of the city a new dimension and a consistent visual effect in relation to the environment.

Reliability, superior quality, respecting deadlines of works and above all business according to international standards, are the key elements on which we take our business policy!

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